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2020 Videos

Greetings for 2020

August against all odds

Accept and ascend

September Sages and Wisdom through Dreams

About our creative spirit

October and the Pilgrims Journey

2019 Videos

January start of 2019

April – new Spring

July – food for the soul

Chakras in October

Interview with Sri Sivan Namboothiri – part 1

Mojo May

August – the poetic life

Sutras in November

Interview with Sri Sivan Namboothiri – part 2

Fire of June

Staying steady in September

Siddhis special powers

2018 Videos

Introduction to NewClearYoga

Energies of June

Book and music for October

Spring awakening

Asana for August Solar Eclipse

December days and winter ways

Book choice for May

The book and music for September