The Tenth Insight

The Tenth Insight

The Tenth Insight, by James Redfield

I know, I know.

Lately the books I have recommended from my library have been the books that I have had for 30 years more or less. These tend to often fall in the category for those who don’t resonate with those times of ‘New Age’ mumbo jumbo.

This months book may be one of those. This one was made into a movie which received many unfavorable reviews. The movie was made from the first book release entitled ‘The Celestine Prophecy’. The second volume was named ‘The Tenth Insight’. It is this book which I recommend.

There is something that I appreciate from this volume. It includes exercises at the end of the chapters that support inner work through questionnaires and quotes.There are also group excercises for those who work best in a cluster of kindred companions. Quotes from world renowned philosophers and spiritual leaders pepper many of its pages.

Often I pick it up and randomly peruse its pages, immediately inspired and motivated with insights which make sense of this 3D reality. Whether or not you shy away from such literature this book will most assuredly have a gem or two as a gift to possess along your journey to self realization.

I hope you enjoy it.