October and the Pilgrims Journey

October and the Pilgrims Journey

Book of the month – “The Pilgrimage” by Paul Coehlo

This Months book recommendation is ‘The Pilgrimage’ by Paul Coehlo.

The books by this successful author have inspired and motivated many throughout the years to take that extra added step towards self reflection and the attitude of adventure that it requires. These days we are limited in our travel opportunities due to forced regulations during this, how shall I put it, social engineering.

There are however many ways that the pilgrims heart and mind can be awakened in us even when we remain ‘local’.

My own pilgrimage

A most peculiar thing happened while I was preparing this blog. I went to see a friend of mine and on my way to her home decided to carry this book with me in order to take notes. On the train while returning home I realized I had forgotten the book in her home. During the long ride home I proceeded instead to listen to a Documenatry on Vincent Van Gogh with my headset on. Absolutely fascinating as it was not so much about his Art as it was about him as a passionate walker and wanderer. They mentioned that due to his religious fervor he considered himself a Pilgrim and his distanced walks and travels were his way of making sense of his life and the events that eventually unfolded to include his passion for painting. The series was named Perspective, easily found on Youtube. It was so appropo for the theme of this month. What was even more bizarre was that the friend I was visiting is a Graphic designer who has designed a series of Graphics with an Astrological theme. She happened to send me a copy of her latest designs and lo and behold, she included a Vincent Van Gogh quote.

For my Part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.

What does all of this have to do with the book and Pilgrimage? I have always felt drawn to his works. I am convinced the heart and soul of an artist, the heart and soul of a writer, or any endeavor in life has always been ignited by the wanderings of our desires and wishes and dreams. I am not able to go on a lengthy pilgrimage in some far off land at the moment but I can walk throughout my city and spaces as if I were. I can open my eyes and look upon the sights with a new vision and allow the synchronicitys of life to guide me through my day.

We are all Pilgrims. All trying to scale new lands and scale new mountains of inner growth in order to understand our role in life.
I hope the inner Pilgrim in you will always have the warmth of the Sun, the tenderness of the Moon and the brilliance of the Stars to guide your way.