Gopala’s Dream – music for September

Gopala’s Dream – music for September

Jai Uttal’s music – Gopala’s Dream

From the immediate sound there is a blanket of peace and devotion within the melodies of this recording, Gopala’s Drream. Jai Uttal has been one of my favorite musicians for decades and I am so glad that this months dream topic has this recording to support its message.

We are so blessed to have so many Artists and Sages and Masters and Teachers and Guides that accompany us on the often precarious hills of life on this planet.

I cry tears of gratitude so often. It has only been the Grace from the Divine that has allowed me to survive and thrive throughout the years and this Grace gets channeled by these enlightened ones whose compassion keeps them tethered to the mission of saving our hearts, minds and Souls from oblivion.

Gopala is another name for Krishna. It means ‘cowherder or protector’ but in this case protector of the world.

‘Go =’world’ “pāla”= protector…Om Guru Om, Om Baba Om, Om Swamiji Om, Om Gopala Om, Om Siva Om and more many many more eternal OM’s…