Music running through our veins

Music running through our veins

Music running through our veins

This month 2 music choices. Both with a more poppish background.

The first is a soft and haunting vocal from a group known as Zonda Project. The lyrics so poetic with arrangements that flow and fly through wails and cries and pleas, in my mother tongue of Spanish.

Sometimes I wish I could just fly over these episodes in our lives.The title song matched the theme for this month.: Venas de Oro – Veins of Gold. The Album is named the ‘Secret cries of the Moon.’

The second is a tribute to the radiance (which I believe to be Golden) to the Goddess of the creative and intelligent expression of the Divine Saraswati. I was on the live stream meeting with a dear friend from India whose embodiment of the Goddess Saraswati renders me in utter awe and admiration.

Here is Jai Uttal and Ben Leinbach – Radiance-Prayer to the Goddess Saraswati.

Revel in the unlimited expression of your radiance.

Shanti Om,