The invisible vein

The invisible vein

The book “The Vein of Gold” by Julia Cameron.

And now July – a month also demanding clarity through its cosmic soup of planetary alignments.

We are compelled to pay extra attention and be clear in our responsibility to positively shape our world. Something that requires an incredible amount of courage due to the turbulent times we exist in.

Last month we had a book that assisted us in opening up to our limitless potential and creativity.

I will continue with this theme with another book by Julia Cameron: ‘The Vein of Gold’.

The visual as to why I feel it is an appropriate read is due to the health concerns of many during this time, a lot of people are required to visit hospitals, clinics etc. in order to assess their physical health. As we all know one of those procedures is the good old needle in the arm to examine the health of the blood. I have very prominent veins. Quite clearly the blue veins exposed and visible to whatever nurse is attending to the matter. That is the physical vein leading the way to the vast network within that allows the fluid of life to pulse through my body. What about the other kind of vein? The invisible one that maps out our potential for a healthy flow of ideas, solutions to problems and intuitive knowledge?

Thats what this book, just like ‘The Artists Way’, tries to inject (pun intended) into our lives. It also requires a commitment to ourselves. An unbreakable pact that can often seem impossible to uphold. There is gold in our hearts, in our Souls, in our psyche, in our homes, in our relationships. It flows unhindered hither and thither but does not land at our feet without first being tapped. How to do the tapping is within the pages of this book. An echo of last months message awaiting your participation.

Stake your claim and let us all see and experience abundant remedies and solutions to all challenges we may face individually and as a collective.

Wishing you pleasurable reading…

Shanti Om,