Music inspired by Van Gogh paintings

Music inspired by Van Gogh paintings

Pilgrimage music inspired by Van Gogh paintings

The music for the month had a most interesting twist to it. I have always loved Don Mclean’s ‘Vincent’, a pop tune from the 80’s, honoring the sweet sensitive soul of Van Gogh. I was looking for a version of it that may have included a new spacey arrangement and instead found a series of tunes entitled ‘Music inspired by 4 Van Gogh paintings’.

The producer and musician for this happens to be Spanish which I felt matched the whole Paul Coehlo pilgrimage through the Spanish Pyrenness. Some of it is quite haunting and the paintings chosen do indeed vibrate with the melodies being played.

Sigh, isn’t that we all want? To be in harmony and in tune with our lives and the ‘still live ‘ painted upon the canvas of time. I want you all to enjoy this most beautiful melodic pilgrimage…

Stay well and in touch with your innocence and wonder..

Om, Shanti, Om..Jyota