Philosophy of Dreams – booklet for September

Philosophy of Dreams – booklet for September

Philosophy of Dreams, by  Swami Sivananda

Greetings everyone!

Here we are in September. Its the month where both my Guru and Mentor share the same birthday. Sages of high caliber.

As the month began between the 1st and 2nd of Sept in different parts of the world the full Moon was in the sign of Pisces (for Tropical astrology). I have a Pisces Moon and so was quite sensitive to the depths of thoughts, emotions and dreams during that time. Had dreams that signaled many ether connections and as I have learned to navigate through these nocturnal waters I wanted once again to share a book on this subject.

You will recall that I once recommended a book titled Dream Yoga. This time I wanted to share a rather small booklet written by another generous Sage known as Sivananda. He was my Mentor, Sri Sivan Namboothiri’s Master and so I tend to often go directly to his written works for inspiration and knowledge. Hopefully someday our Swamiji will also write a book but until then I will return again and again to Sivananda.

‘Philosophy of Dreams’ is the title of this small booklet. As Sivananda was an Advaita Vedantin he discourses with dynamic high ideals.The booklet states that immediately. Within the pages there are references to the work of Freud and Jung.

Can understanding our worldly existence be supported by how we view our waking and sleeping state? What is the purpose for these nightly journeys? Many, myself included, will write down the events of their nocturnal adventures. Waste of time? Perhaps for some but even in the back of the booklet Sivananda displays a small example of dream symbology. On page 5 of the booklet there is a conversation between Guru and Disciple where the Master discourses on the Atman and the perception of existence.

There are of course other stories to support his belief that dreams can promote profound wisdom. I hope that inspite of all we have thus far experienced in this bizarre year that you continue not only to have pleasant nightly dreams but also those daydreams and visualisations and meditations of a better and more just World.

Happy September everyone!