Music of September

Music of September

Haidakhan He Shiva Shankara – music for yoga and meditation.

In Paramahansa Yoganandas book “Autobiography of a Yogi” he mentions Haidakhan Babaji, a Sage and Avatar figure who manifests over and over again in the mountains of the Himalayas to lead and guide with the wisdom and compassion of a true Guru. In his last incarnation which took place in the 20th century he was known as Mahavatar Babaji.

My Guru received his enlightenment from him and his message of ‘simplicity, truth and love’ are the main art of service in our Sadhana. I am not sure but I believe the music was recorded in the Ashram. Whether or not it was, the very beginning with the sounds of running water bring to mind the sounds of Nature which immediately calms the body and mind. The Mantras are well known chants that invite the presence of Divine guests, Shiva and Kali among them and also honors and acknowledges the Holiness of the Ganges.

The rhythms are pleasant, lively and festive. To fill our homes with these chants instills reverence and blessings. In my classes I tend to play all sorts of music but must be careful so as not to impose these prayers upon those who only come to yoga for the physical exercises. These songs are for those who seek to show devotion and join in the prayers and songs and in turn radiate their love out into the edges of their lives onto others. Bhakti shine indeed.

Om Babaji Om….