Book of September

Book of September

About awakening…

By nature I tend to doodle and sketch during conversations on the phone, while waiting on line or at stations and such. The book of the Month ‘Be Here Now‘ by Richard Alpert Ph.D, captivated me from the very start because it seemed that the author was just recording his observations while sketching and doodling. A journey of immense and profound events with his Guru Maharaji in the Himalayas helped to give birth to this book.

The title alone and its simple message ‘Be Here Now’ also pulls you in. I have had this book in my library since the latest 70’s early 80’s — I lost the cover of the book, thats how dog eared it is. But everytime I open it there is a new introduction to its stories and mystical and earthly happenings.

Richard soon became known as Ram Dass and if you even suggest that you live a Yogic life in the Western world and do not know his name and influence, then I suggest you begin with this simple yet touching discourse about his life and awakening. I am regressed again and again to an innocent wonder of the way life unfolds our awakening. Events you think are mundane suddenly reveal a pattern and intention and you make sense of every tear, every laughter, every heartache.

Towards the end of this book you just want to rush into becoming aware of every subtle sigh and breathe and visual. Research how this man who was in the midst of the LSD explorations of the 60’s and 70’s became a devotee and believer of the mysterious yet available wisdom of Life, Love and Purpose, without relying on outside chemical influences, just the pureness of intention…