Book for October

Book for October

Yoga and the Quest for the True Self

by Stephen Cope

It is one of the newest additions to my library. I would say I have had it for give or take 8 or 10 years.

I felt at the time when I was in the middle of my certificate studies that I needed something to bring me back to the 21st century as I was steeped at that time in the ancient scriptures and study books that were the classic literature for my studies. I appreciated very much his candor as to what the affects of his journey were upon his relationships.

At the time of my true commitment to Sadhana, I more or less left behind me a thriving music career that I felt impinged upon my studies. I have managed to return to it with a more balanced approach.

Mr. Cope approaches his view from that of a psychotherapist which is his profession. I couldn’t help but realise he had a more left brain approach to the observations of his changes and the journey he had chosen to embark on. It is so clear to me that I have the privilege of teaching and working with incredible people and it is due to the exchange on a daily level with them that allows me to measure my own development as a fellow traveler on this Earth.

The good days, the shadowy sensitive days, the bright cheerful days are all but a mirroring of what’s going on inside each of us projected out into the world. And keeping this in mind with the knowledge that on a planetary level we are all doing our best to balance our lives and not be overwhelmed by the shifting of social, economic and political structures I am grateful for the clear communication of fellow seekers who can share their insights.

Enjoy reading his story.

I believe it might even be available on PDF format or online reading here.