Music of November

Music of November

David Sylvian – Krishna Blue.

In the 80’s while living in Boston with my then boyfriend, a highly talented jazz pianist and graduate of New England Conservatory of Music, I was introduced to the music of David Sylvian. Though my boyfriend was quite critical of pop music and mainstream entertainment, he did have some appreciation for Bands and musicians with their own, out of the box talents and visions.

David Sylvian, who was in an 80’s Band named ‘Japan’ was one of them. That he also collaborated with Ryuchi Sakamoto also speaks volumes of his unique sensitive and expressive music. His albums are many. His voice was instantly tapping into a soft, tender and calm space in my mind. Recently in reconnecting with his music, I realised how his poetry is so spiritual and clearly esoteric in their devotion. Just like I like it.

I recommend for this month of November his ‘Krishna Blue’ and if you search through his very elaborate collection of recordings you will indeed find many more that can enhance your private at home practice of yoga flow. It’s indeed like a courtship of body and mind.

I am grateful every month that I can find and share with you all these musicians that are perhaps not in the mainstream, but nonetheless leave beauty and peace in their wake.

Here it the link on YouTube to listen to.