Music for January 2019

Music for January 2019

Vedic Astrology and the Sounds of Planets –

Several years ago when I graduated with the Advanced Teacher Training Certificate, fellow students and I presented our teacher with a small entertaining display of some of the subjects we had studied throughout the 1 1/2 year course. There were many, yet we managed to create an event that encompassed all of them in a delightful way.

One of these subjects was Vedic Astrology. I already knew I wanted to share the Sounds of the Planets. Something I had come across in logging into recordings by various Space expeditions. Voyager expedition recordings fascinated me the most.

This year 2019 will present us with 5 eclipses, the first being January 5th. For January I invite all NewClearyoga viewers to log into any Youtube videos that present these sounds and to observe what feelings these sounds create in their being. If you find a particular sound that creates a sense of well being then research on a metaphysical level what the planet corresponds to on the level of the anatomy.

Then in a comfortable meditation sitting posture such as (Sukhasana, Padmasana, Vajrasana, Baddha Konasana, Ardha Padmasana) bring your attention to that energy centre while listening to and allowing the sound resonances of that planet to reverberate through and through.

Below there is a list of the Chakras and the Planets and body points they represent. Allow yourself to awaken imagination and prayer to assist in opening these centres to healing and the reigniting of their positive vibrations. Now if only scientists could record the sounds of our cells and atoms and molecular waves within the body. I would definitely listen with an open Heart.


Energy Centre

Asociated Body Part

1 Chakra: Saturn

Bones, Skeletal structure

2 Chakra: Pluto

Sex organs, bladder, prostate, womb

3 Chakra: Mars and Sun

Digestive system, muscles

4 Chakra: Venus

Heart and chest, lungs, circulation

5 Chakra: Mercury

Mouth, throat, ears

6 Chakra: Neptune, Jupiter

Eyes, base of skull

7 Chakra: Uranus

Upper skull, cerebral cortex, skin

Here is the Youtube link to the sounds of our solar system