Book of February 2019

Book of February 2019

Sri Ramakrishna: His Life and Sayings by Prof. F. Max Muller

Swami Sri Sivan Namboothiri has often expressed his love, admiration and high esteem for the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna. The book for this month of February is Sri Ramakrishna: His Life and Sayings by Prof. F. Max Muller. This February (20th to be exact) marks the one hundredth and eighty sixth anniversary of his birth.

Within the pages of this book is one word in particular that for me describes this historical religious leader in all his glory. Ardent. It means passionate, fervent,enthusiastic. The archaic definition of this word however is what for me describes Sri Ramakrishna the most…Ardent: burning, glowing. It defines for me the main focus of his history, his ardent love of the Divine Mother and his devotion to his followers.

His most recognised student and disciple was the world reknowned Swami Vivekenanda.

Many describe Ramakrishna as a Mahatma. I ask myself whenever I read about him and the accounts of his life ‘Where is the next Mahatman?’

We sure could use one. Every century, of this period of Kali Yuga, is saturated with times of upheaval and destruction. Until one arrives, it is the steady dedication towards achieving OUR own highest expressions of compassion and love and devotion that will see us through such challenges. Wishing you reading pleasure and soft heartfelt insights through this account of Ramakrishna and his life.

Hara Om Tat Sat.