Healthy food music

Healthy food music

Food for thought music – Jah Sun

Summertime fun for me growing up was always filled with dance parties on the block. Everyone with their own flair. This month to support the theme of diet and spiritual growth I chose this music from the singer Jah Sun.

Many years ago I lived in Antigua among the Rastafarians of the island who named me ‘Food of God’, because my birth name is Yamil, but they pronounced it and spelled it as JAH MEAL. JAH referring to the creator. So whimsically I allow the Reggae beat and I am gonna move to this rhythm and hear the message which they reveal, knowing that we are not alone.

Many are beginning to wake up to the importance of pure energy foods and pure thoughts and pure love.

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Definition Rasta slang use to describe when one is feeling good; everything is alright
Example Sentences (Patois) Mi nuh hav nutten fi complain bout, mi life irie
(English) I don’t have anything to complain about, my life is ok
Definition Rastafarian slang used to describe food that is in its natural state; does that contain any artificial elements. This term is also used to describe food that is cooked with very little or no salt.
Example Sentences (Patois) Man a rasta man, mi only nyam ital food
(English) I am a Rastafarian, I only eat natural foods ….

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