Book of Tagore, for the end of summer

Book of Tagore, for the end of summer

Tagore, the mystic poets

I trust many of our Newclearyoga visitors have had a pleasant Summer season and that the eclipses in July were not so challenging. Many I am sure however have been faced with many emotional and physical symptoms brought upon by the incredible energies reaching our Blue Planet.

I too faced many events that catapulted me into intense reverie and ponderings. The gift however in the midst of it all was often found in those solitary moments where I could play and create to my hearts content. This Months book of the month was inspired during one of those moments. Often as I teach class I find myself guiding the members to flow like the words within a favorite Poem. Fluid, poignant with meaning and anticipation of insights and knowledge being revealed. The famous Indian poet Tagore is my choice for exploring the magic of words in the dance of the mystic poet. The book ‘Tagore, the mystic poets‘ is his work in Bengali translated by Tagore himself. The preface is by Swami Adiswarananda.

About Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore was born in Calcutta to a Brahmin family. By the age of 8 he was writing poetry. The legacy he has left behind has enriched the lives of people from all works of life. As a Nobelprize winner his impact has been immense and I urge you to explore the multitude expressions of his works.In music, poetry, paintings and more. Due to his strong principles and
purpose he has even impacted the political sphere and was a crucial element in the Bengal renaissance. He has been titled a Universalist, a Humanist and a Nationalist, all due to his immense passion towards lighting the minds and hearts of many.

My poetry

I too have been writing poetry since my childhood. Many of my works have also been transformed to music. Most likely they will not impact the world as such. That is not the point. The intention is to give wings to those musings that prompt you to reach, stretch, extend and turn, not only in the realms of your Vinyasa, but also in those of your mind and heart and soul. Reintroduce yourself to the works of those who, with the ability to connect passion and devotion into words of faith and beauty, have helped nourish our Souls and sustained our need for courage.

Long live the Mystic and especially the Mystic Poet.

OM Shanti OM.

More about the book and music of Tagore in the video below.