Spiritual Nutrition – book of July

Spiritual Nutrition – book of July

Spiritual Nutrition: Six Foundations for Spiritual Life and the Awakening of Kundalini – by Dr. Gabriel Cousens –

They ‘drank the Koolaid! This is a saying often used by people who understand the importance of avoiding over sugared, over chemicaled non nutritional foods and substances. Overindulgence in such ingredients can very well make you incapable of higher mind and critical thinking.’

It is a saying referring to a popular American powdered mixture that when added to water displayed bright colors depending on the flavor. It was a drink product consisting of mostly sugar and artificial colourings. No health value at all. And children everywhere drank it like water. Add to that the pre-packaged food industry with marketing that had consumers diets mostly based on these fast and ready non nutritional foods and you can imagine the results. They are evident everywhere: Obesity, Diabetes, Immunodeficiency problems etc.

I grew up with such a diet. As well as a cultural cuisine, which though at the time was mouthwatering delicious to me, did nothing to enhance my at the time weak immune system and depressions. During my youth I was a meat eater, pigs feet, pork chops, chicken, beef (or what was labeled as beef, fish and all sorts of derivatives of these). The Puerto Rican cuisine consists of many of these, often fried and battered.

As a dancer, my stamina came truly mostly from my passion and youth, until I was educated about the proper fuel necessary to maintain strength and health from a sports perspective.

Throughout the years of my Sadhana what became evident to me was that it was not just positive physical effects of a proper diet that supported health and wellbeing. A diet consisting of ingredients compatible to your constitution and individual Dosha, also allowed for positive psychological well being.

Then came the Aha moment. My desire for spiritual growth eventually led me to understand that food could be supportive for that very purpose as well.

This month of July 2019, when Summer is in full swing and many are enjoying the various invites to picnic, barbecues etc. I share Dr. Gabriel Cousens book “Spiritual Nutrition: Six Foundations for Spiritual Life and the Awakening of Kundalini“.

I really like this book. It is inspiring and awakens in you a true appreciation for being aware of your diet on a spiritual level. I have chosen a lifestyle of Ahimsa, non-violence, in regards to my nutrition, but even if that is not your way for whatever reason, this book instills in you conscious eating.

The results of such an approach, as Ayurvedic wisdom also maintains, will lead to wellbeing in all aspects of your life: Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual.

I wish you all pleasurable exploration of this approach to your health…

Namaste, Jyota

PS: Here’s the link to buy the book.