Book of Chakra Healing

Book of Chakra Healing

The book of Chakra Healing by Liz Simpson –

In December last year I recommended a book which presented certain recipes for Teas designed to stimulate and balance the energy centers known as Chakras. Today many are aware of what a chakra is as the social media allows for many inquiries. What I wanted to share this month in October is a book that for many years has brought me easy to comprehend details on their purpose and benefits.

THE BOOK OF CHAKRA HEALINGby Liz Simpson is a colourful display of all elements connected to each chakra. It includes valuable information such as what stone or gems each chakra rules ,how these support the balance and function of the chakras. They are all imbued with certain frequencies and pulses of energy that require attention if we are to live a conscious and productive life.

Chakra in Sanskrit means’ wheel ‘or ‘disk’.

Their influences can be subtle or mind blowing depending on how they are awakened to their fullest potential or ignored and rendered weak. The Autumn equinox has already occurred and for many the quiet, dark, mystical transformation of the season allows for going within and becoming aware of the myriad of subtle influences in our lives on an emotional, physical and spiritual manner.

When you learn to activate and support a healthy chakra system many aspects of life are enriched. The book is filled with information on the Chakra fields, colors, how to build a specific chakra altar, what yogic exercises support them, what foods, what psychological resonance can be made aware of. It is playful and yet serious in its knowledge. I can sense how my body and energy fields are adjusting to the cycle of Autumn again and I relish the moments when you are pulled to go within and tap into these fields.

I wish you pleasure and satisfaction in absorbing this informative and insightful book.