Chakra music

Chakra music

Music about chakras

This month I have decided to post 2 music videos for October.

As it has to do with chakras, the first video allows you to focus on just one chakra steadily for a time.

After you have mastered the focusing and awakening of these flows of energy, the second video by Dr. Shri Balaje Tambe allows you to activate each chakra directly after the other. I often play this in class and really appreciate his simple deep voice. No pretensions. One can recognise the simplicity of his devotion.

Please be informed that these centres require a body that is cared for with no excess of stimulants,drugs or alcohol. Try to follow a simple diet regimen that allows you to sit and concentrate with no discomfort and impatience. I assure you the benefits will be profound and will reveal to you many gifts if done properly.