Feng Shui book of May

Feng Shui book of May

Creating Sacred Sace with Feng Shui

by Karen Kingston

When I was a young girl and our family expected guests I was the one called upon to tidy the home and beautify the surroundings as best we could with what we, as a low income family had at hand.

My father was a Jack of all trades in the Handywork business, preparing peoples homes with everything from hanging curtain rods to installing appliances and such. He referred to his business as Home furnishings. Clients would receive a multitude of samples for fabrics, rugs and textiles of all sorts to pick and choose from. Through this I learned to appreciate the importance of creating an ambiance of well being.

Karen Kingston’s book has been my favorite eversince the world of ‘Feng Shui ‘came into mainstream consciousness. I have loaned it to many friends who praise its information, especially for those whose main intention is to create sacred space.

Recommended for beginners into the field as well as the more experienced decorators and those with Holistic intentions.