Book of March

Book of March

A Guide for the Advanced Soul: A Book of Insight, by Susan Hayward –

March. The month we are in now. It describes not only the month but a simple word. March.

The Reverso dictionary defines this in several ways.
To walk or proceed with stately or regular steps, usually in a procession or military formation.
To traverse or cover by marching. Proceeding, progressing, under way.

And so it is. This month contains not only the Holy celebration of Shivaratri but also the beginning of Spring. And so clearly the name of the month indicates the energy of going forward, of ‘keep on moving’.

We have here the second half of the interview with Sri Sivan Namboothiri.

Swamiji himself has been a perfect example of this momentum. His Yogavihar institute has a new residence and newness is in the air, in more ways than one. Newness to me connotes not just freshness. Its opposite is aged, antiquity, ancient. And what often comes with the experience of time? Mastery. I ask myself have I mastered anything in this life? I feel as if I have eternally sought after the Masters. So many years, searching, questioning and still I am new to this. Still I am a beginner. Still I grasp and squirm knowing there are many lifetimes still before I Master all the things that fuel my heart and soul.

And so on to the book of the month: A Guide for the Advanced Soul: A Book of Insight, by Susan Hayward. A little book I used to read in my 20’s. When I was even ‘greener behind the ears’ as they say. It is a simple book. Almost like an oracle. All you do is open a page when getting quiet and lo and behold, more than not, the words staring back at you help you to tap into insights. Simple, sweet and yes perhaps quite new agey (no pun intended). And now in my antique years 😉 I celebrate newness, experience and that never ending journey.

May you greet the coming days with freshness, new faith and solid mastery of your own talents and gifts.