The Artist’s Way – book recommendation

The Artist’s Way – book recommendation

When a book about the spiritual path to higher creativity came my way

In 1997 while living in Köln as a single mother it was clear to me that I needed to make drastic changes in my life in order to move forward on a higher level. I was homesick, a new divorcee and quite lonely and in despair. Near my neighborhood was a book shop that offered self help books in the English language.

One day I came across a book titled”The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity ‘by Julia Cameron. I was captivated by its cover and graphics and when perusing through the pages I knew right away this Book was going to change my life. In the very first page the Author included a contract which automatically held you to a level of commitment and integrity. I began the lessons and excercises on the book and watched as my life took on a whole new meaning. I acknowledged the hunger within my Soul that urged me to rise again and reunite with my Creative Spirit.

Julia Cameron was married and then divorced from the well known movie director Martin Scorcese. She has many credits in the field of film and journalism and her program to help reawaken the inner Muse is truly a gift.

What does this have to do with Yoga?

Everything. It is our creative Shakti spirit that unites us with the realms of higher mind and wisdom and bliss. And we are all Artists, whether on the stage, on the canvass or in the kitchen. I believe you will agree with me if you embark on this Journey you will discover a new world of possibilities in all the realms of your life.



Before watching my video below or here on the book and music recommendation for July, please take note of my following comments:

Dear Newclearyoga viewers,

I wanted to add a few words to this months written blog.

As I was recording the video, like in all previous videos, I try to gather the information I want to share and then I present it to you by way of connecting to my heart. In June’s video I made a comment that stated no one can take away our right to breathe.

As many know the whole of USA and many other parts of the world have been horrified by the brutal death of an African American man whose breath was indeed forced to stop by a police officer’s cruelty which led to his death and many angry responses from the masses followed seeking justice. It was not meant to be insensitive. I truly was expressing our right to Breathe, to infuse our lives with purpose and direction and to connect to that breath which is beyond the human body. The breath that charges our Soul with a force that allows for inspiration, creativity, wisdom, compassion, health and love. Know this to be true. Our lives unfold between the first and last breath.

We will all one day exhale before reentering into the Absolute.

I wish you all peace in your heart, comfort from your fears and a reason to wake up every morning and feel blessed about your life.

Om Shanti Om,