Special powers of Siddhis

Special powers of Siddhis

About psychic powers

I was raised as a Catholic. Well, more or less. My father insisted we explore all religions and allowed us the freedom to do so. However , at that time once a month every Wednesday was a designated day for Religious instruction. And so I and other fellow classmates, gladly left the regular classroom and trudged a 20minute walk to St. Peters and Paul in the South Bronx. Seriously, I found Sunday mass boring, yet mysterious.

As years went by I maintained whatever little interest existed because of the events described in the Bible having to do with special powers…The parting of waters, the feeding of multitudes, the raising of the dead, the healing of illnesses, the deciphering of dreams, the sudden appearances and disappearances of Angels and Omens etc.

It wasn’t until I started Sadhana that I learned through my teachers that many special powers are derived from a dedicated Yogic or otherwise spiritual and pure lifestyle. Purification and Meditation, Breathing exercises, Celibacy, Service and intense contemplation can expose a committed Yogi to what are known as Siddhis, or in Western terms, psychic powers.

However according to my Mentor Sri Sivan Namboothiri, these abilities are better left unexplored as they can hinder further evolution to the ultimate level of Consciousness, Samadhi. The gathering up of Pranic forces in the body will in many cases create the effects of Siddhis.

When I was a young adult there were many things happening to me that I could not explain. My dreams were Prophetic, I could hear people having conversations from miles away, I could see 360 degrees with my eyes closed, I would see peoples Auras. None of these things happened consistently, but often enough to render me perplexed as none of it made sense and I truly felt deep frustration and loneliness, as I could not really share all of these happenings with others. Except for my first dance teacher Esteban Chavao who was a Shaman of the Santeria practices.

Through my studies and curiosity I came upon many books that explained, explored and described these effects. Most interesting however were the books that described the people that possessed these abilities.There are many out there on the market and cyberspace. This months reading material comes in the form of an internet slide page…Siddhis and Riddhis by Yogamaharishi Swami Gitananda Giri. I found the story of this Teacher most compelling and am sure you will too. His discourse on the Siddhis is easy to understand and quite motivating.

Enjoy and add this exploration to your adventures…Here it is the link

Ah yes Adventure…Happy Advent Season!