Living your yoga in September

Living your yoga in September

Living your Yoga by Judith Laster – book recommendation for September

Just began my philosophy lessons with my teacher for the 2019-2020 season. This year it will be the Mahabharata. This epic saga encompasses all aspects and levels of the human condition in the psychic, emotional, mental and spiritual realms of our existence. Most of my courses are given in fitness studios where the main purpose does not include spiritual exercises for the soul. I however manage to incorporate many of the philosophical teachings during the class by connecting them to the postures. An example are the warrior poses where I conjure up the musings of Arjuna or Krishna. It helps to establish a connection with the postures and the intentions. Whether one is rooted in a yogic lifestyle or not, a conscious approach and educated commitment to the betterment of our whole being is important.

The Book for fall

For those who prefer a more modern guide for the everyday matters, I recommend this month a book I have had for over 20 years.

Living your Yoga (finding the spiritual in everyday life) by Judith Laster Ph.D.

Even in the middle of a mundane rhythm to our lives we can tap into its sacredness and holiness. The book is divided into 3 sections The book contains 3 sections:

  • Yoga within Yourself: The spiritual exploration
  • Widening the circle: Yoga and your relationships
  • Embracing all life: Yoga in the World.

Ms. Lasater has been a teacher since 1971 and has written many popular books as well as being the president of the Yoga association in California. She studied with BKS Iyengar in India and continues to give workshops all over the globe. All in all, a woman who has indeed spent a lifetime supporting others with her knowledge and dedication. I am sure your practice will be enriched by her simple and wise guidance.

September is a time of year that supports a wholistic life,especially when the harvests supply us with fresh ripe nutrition. It is also a time where many return to school after the summer holidays and return to study and learning SO we make new commitments to nourish our minds and soul. Let us sharpen our pencils, our minds and our determination to Live our Yoga…