Book about living a blissful life

Book about living a blissful life

Essential Vedic Wisdom for blissful living

by U. Mahesh Prabhu

During my studies with my Teacher Sri Sivan Namboothiri, required reading introduced me to the literary works of Dr. David Frawley. I was able to connect with more of Dr. Frawleys actual works through friending him on Facebook. It was there that I was then made familiar with ‘The Vedic Management Center ‘and the writings and interpretations of Vedic literature as written by U. Mahesh Prabhu.

During the initial release of this book I was privileged and delighted to receive a copy as a gift.

The intention here was to present the knowledge of the Vedic lifestyle in terms easily understood for beginners as well as long term dedicated students.

With collaboration from Dharali Sharma this book is a gentle introduction to this vast realm of ancient wisdom and knowledge with guidance that is ageless and well suited for these modern times. Storytelling and the role that it plays in forming the human psyche and imagination is an essential form of communication in all cultures. The Vedic tales within the pages of these interpretations weave their wisdom and in this book its truths can be easily comprehended.

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