Book about dream yoga

Book about dream yoga

Dream Yoga by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu –

Welcome to mojo May!

Denmark tour is done. From Tango to Jazz as far as my music plans go. In my musings of my life and loves and creative moments, I had a sudden insight and memory of my childhood. I recalled how I used to travel outside of my body and fly around the room and peek in on my Mom and when she was sleeping.

These memories are vivid and happened often between the ages I would say from around 2 til 6. Once we begin school the access to this part of our knowing is pretty much in the hands of the system. But as I grew older I was always ready to decipher dreams of everyone who shared their nightly sojourns.

I studied many books about the symbology and language of the dream world. With this in mind I chose a book from my library that I have had for a while. This is ‘Dream Yoga‘ by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. A fascinating view on how certain disciplines and exercises can help you develop the faculties of lucid dreaming and Obe (out of body experiences).

I tell you only that these things can happen on call if you prepare properly. So many insights into our lives where solutions to problems dwell can be found when we tap into this still mysterious and hidden dimension of ourselves.

Of course it is our meditative practice that possesses the most potential for reaching higher awareness. I hope you enjoy reading and examining the practice.

Wishing you a Month of fulfilled dreams and hopes.