April – new Spring

April – new Spring

April. The true beginning of a new year.

This is seen in all its glory with the slow revealing of green hues and spectral displays of colours and the buzzing of life and the extension of light.

Here in Germany, many homes are preparing their balcony with the seeding of new flowers that will hopefully burst in all its splendour by May. Because of this we too can dance this Tango of life with the seeding of new ideas, new vitality, new visions.

Sometimes the thrust of this urgent need to express ourselves will be overwhelming. Life coming at us from so many directions with so many emotions. Ups and downs, yes and no’s, coming and going. Of course I could explore with you now what this means on a cosmic level with the planets. You already know to examine this on your own.

Include in your musings a sense of curiosity, excitement and courage. All things that represent this time of year. The curious seed that reaches high until it bursts through the soil to catch the rays of the Sun. The courage of the hatchlings that hop towards the edge of limb before they spread their wings to fly.

As I am in the throes of performances celebrating the music of Tango I encourage you to approach it also as that. A Tango. A subtle, seductive invitation to lead and follow at just the right moment to reveal grace and strength.

I wish you all a delightful April.

OM to the enchanted ones…OM.

Below you can find the video recording of my message for this month.